Harvest War XXV
September 12-14, 2014


Land Allocation



A & S / Youth

Shire of Côte du Ciel

Kingdom of Artemisia

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Summer is well underway, soon it will be time for the harvest, and with the harvest comes WAR!

The Shire of Cote du Ciel invites all and sundry to bring their households, banners, and gear to once again defend the harvest from the zuchini raiders. There will be field and forest battles for both heavy and rapier fighters, while the children will rescue the Zuchini Princess. Our archers and throwers will compete for the right to be Shire Champions. Bring your best songs and other performances for the Golden Zuchini Bardic. Loch Salann will be holding their annual Brats & Brews competition.

Contact the Event Steward, Lady Hallerna for more information.


Weber Memorial Parkoutside Huntsville, UT.

  • Site Opens: 1 pm, Friday, 12 Sep 2014.

  • Site Close: Noon, Sunday, 14 Sep 2014.


    The Shire will be providing barrels near the Gate, like at Uprising. The site's water is NOT potable. Please look for the barrels on your way in. If at all possible, please bring some water with you.


    Fires are allowed in designated fire pits (currently including above-ground portable fire pits), stoves and grills only. Leaving a fire unattended for any length of time is prohibited. During certain periods of "high fire danger", on the authority of the Fire Marshall, fires may not be allowed at all. Please check here before coming to war for current fire restrictions.

    Site Fees:

      CampingDay Trip
      Teens 12-17$14.00$8.00
      Children 6-11$8.00$4.00
      Under 6FreeFree

      A $5.00 Non Membership Fee will apply.

      Family Cap $52.00.

      Please make checks payable to Shire of Côte du Ciel, SCA Inc.

    If you are camping with a large group, or will be camping in an RV, please check the Land Allocation page. We would like to make sure we have the room for you.

    Schedule TBA

    If you have any questions please contact the Event Steward.


      Directions: From the King's Highway (I-15) take exit 344 towards Huntsville. Turn East onto UT-39 E/W 1200 S St/W 12th St. Stay on UT-39 as it becomes Canyon Road and turns right at Main Street in Huntsville. Turn right onto FR 20139 (approximately 23.7 miles from the freeway). Turn right on Causey Dr. We are in Group Campsites A & B.
    Merchants are welcome. The Merchant Coordinator is Mistress Bengta Rolfsdotter.

    Event Stewards: Lady Hallerna Stjarnkona and Gyula Màtè Czygan. Please contact them if you have any questions or would like to volunteer.

    Heavy Fighting:

    Archery and Thrown Weapons Ranges times TBA

    Harvest War Website Deputy: Alexandru de Șobolani.

    Gate Book: Mistress Meg Davenport.

    Let's make this the best Harvest War ever!

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